Ps Caterina Amoroso

caterina amoroso

Family Pastor & Evangelist

Ps. Caterina Amoroso is now a full-time Minister of God to the nations. She used to be a University Professor at the Macquarie University of Sydney and was responsible for the introduction of foreign languages into the primary schools curriculum under the stewardship of Franca Arena (Min. of Ed.) in the 80s,

Specialising in: Deliverance ministry and family pastoral care. She has preached and ministered to people all over the world and has written a beautiful biography with beautiful testimonies confirming how God has used her to deliver His people and build His Kingdom.

Ps Caterina was and still is an amazing teacher to my husband and me. Eventhough we’re not related in the flesh, we love to call her “Mum” as she is much more to us than our spiritual mentor.

Ps Caterina usually accompanies us to our outreach events, as she loves to minister and giveaway books. So, save the date and don’t miss her next special book signing session.