Mission Statement

Reason for Existence

WHY · We Do it

We believe in providing biblical ‘information’ to Kids whilst they are still “in-formation” is critical!


Produce ‘Bible based Content’ for 0-6 year old Kids (tomorrow’s church) so they can be the precursors of the spotless bride that Jesus deserves to find at His return.

Introduce Kids to the cornerstone principles of our Faith: “The Baptism of Water & Fire”

Empower Kids into becoming ‘vessels of change’ within their families, as Church starts at home!


Build communities of children that grow up hating sin, and who love others “enough” to help them find their way to Christ, so that they too, can experience the same inexplicable peace that we, as spirit-filled believers, find (only) in the reckless love of our Triune God.

Build an ‘Elijah Generation’ that is not afraid to stand for righteousness!


“Solo Bibbia” Doctrine: Teaching Kids to rely strictly on God’s Word to avoid the deception of end time.

“Solo Preghiere” Doctrine: Introducing Kids to a lifestyle of prayer – reserved to our Triune God!

“Sempre Risveglio”: Helping Kids identify themselves in Christ for a permanent Revival.


A non-denominational approach to avoid dogmas of all sorts and/or including: “Sola Scriptura” or “Sola Fide”. Simply put: God cannot be rationalised!

Teach & Preach the Bible in its entirety – from Genesis to Revelations with no gaps in between – except maybe gap theory and evolution nonsense!

Modus Operandi


Soft tools that help Kids climb the ‘Staircase of Christian Virtues’ (Cf. 2 Peter 1:5-8 – ‘The Virtue List’)


Teach Kids what acting in good faith means (Cf. 1 Corinthians 16:13 – “bona fide”). Develop their resiliency through role plays that help them become situationally aware, and so, manage to find peace in every situation.


Group time lessons, songs, devotionals, and games that help Kids build successful relationships with one another, wherein they work as a team, constantly edify each other, and… develop the same mindset as Christ (Cf. Philippians 2:5-11 – Christ like nature). In doing so, Kids will acquire ‘spiritual meekness’, and thus victoriously inherit the Earth (Cf. Matthew 5:5 – Blessed are the meek).

Awareness to the fact that Victory belongs to Jesus alone, as through His Ultimate Sacrifice – it is finished – and by His Grace atoned, made whole and holy.