Helping Kids

to read the Bible & Pray to God.

Thousands of kids will not encounter Jesus until their adulthood… And this needs to change!

One prayer, one devotion, one soul at a time…


Nursing Home Visits

Our visits to nursing homes are for the purposes of: getting kids to play with the elderly; for the elderly to receive ministry; and to provide ‘good old fashioned company’ with interactive activities so they may feel loved.

Q&A Sessions

We will be organising Q&A sessions in diverse locations to provide a forum for parents so that they may ask questions at the end of each expert-driven presentation. It’s also a great place to meet and greet our community of followers.

Latest Articles

Our Latest Bible Story

It ALL starts at the Cross of Calvary where Jesus laid His life down so that Humanity’s sins could be forgiven.

In Him, via His Word & His Story, we are made whole and holy if we repent and renounce.

Miss Cristina will continue to tell Bible stories of its protagonists, who like us, fell short, but through their trials and tribulations, we learn to grow in the love of God.