Areas of Ministry

WHAT · We do

Introducing reverence to Kids via Christian Childcare content as this is not permitted in Schools!

Bible Stories & Lessons

Our audio-visual content is for children and their parents to learn God’s ways, bible principles, and experience the presence of God against the deception of the last days. We also include learning programs and God’s given values to add to our Christian content.

“So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”.

Romans 10:17 KJB

Worship Songs for kids

We must teach kids to read the bible, pray, and of course, sing songs of worship so that they may lead spirit-filled lives and experience the fullness of Christ!

I go and step further by creating choreographies to each song that I teach kids. As they then go home and put on a show for their parents.

I love seeing kids evangelise to their parents

Types of Content

A fun way for kids to explore and learn another language.

Our role will be to facilitate the understanding of biblical prophecies unfolding through important world events that will come to pass, in preparation for the Second coming of our Lord & Saviour: “Jesus Christ”.

We will be creating and producing our own music. We’re still in the lyrics process…

Introducing reverence towards God to Kids via online content which we hope, will evolve into a stand-alone Christian Childcare Program” because this is not permitted in School Programs.